A Day in Glorious Saint Augustine, Florida

By Adele Sharman

17 October 2022

Who has heard of Saint Augustine in Florida? When people think of Florida, they instantly associate it with Disney and Universal Studios. I can’t blame them because I was one of them. After visiting these parks nine times already, and yes, I could quite easily make it ten, I decided to explore other places in the state.

What else does Florida have to offer? SO MUCH MORE!

One of the hidden gem places is Saint Augustine, a city on the northeast coast of Florida. It is the oldest city in the U.S. and is known for its Spanish colonial architecture and Atlantic Ocean beaches like sandy St. Augustine Beach and tranquil Crescent Beach. Let’s take a walk or a Trolley Tour or if you want something a little more authentic. 

You will have a fun time being driven in a Henry Ford Model T car with pastime tours booked through Viator. I loved exploring St. Augustine’s past, riddled with privateers and plunderers, innovators and inventors, the rich, the royal and those just looking to make the city a better place to live. Walk down St. George Street, visit the Lighten Museum, then climb the 219 steps to see the amazing view of St Augustine. Pass by the Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States or take a sip of rejuvenating water from the magical well at the Fountain of Youth! You can even check out the street from the famous film “Forrest Gump”.

I stayed at the Casa Monica Resort & Spa Autograph Collection (booked through Booking.com), which was built in 1888. It has a vintage Moroccan charm, is in the heart of the historic district and is opposite the stunning Flagler College. Visiting this place made me feel I wanted to be a student again.

When classes are in session, students cross through lavish halls, loggias (gallery) and gardens, walk under the elaborate murals of the Rotunda, and attend lectures in the Flagler Room and Solarium. Most remarkable of all, they have their meals in the original 3 ½ stories at the oval Dining Hall. You can also notice jewelled light streaming through 79 Louis Comfort Tiffany stained-glass windows that cast a beautiful glow on hand-painted murals on the walls and ceiling. What a place to have a burger! After all this sightseeing, you will need a drink, head to the Tini Martini Bar at the Casablanca Inn with a vast menu for most taste buds. 

I highly recommend visiting St Augustine. What a city! Enjoy.

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