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About me

Hi I’m Adele a Leeds lass who just loves to travel. I don’t just mean I love holidays the sea and the sand, I have a passion for researching new destinations and finding the best hotels which tick all the boxes (including golf, I will come back to that later).

I even enjoy the booking process and finding the best deals I can!

I am a great believer in why would I book somewhere that isn’t as nice as my home when I am going to be staying there for a week or two.

It’s all about research, research, research!

photo of adele sat down

So, I have a confession to make... I love luxury travel.

I think this started in my late teens. After booking a £300 trip to Ocho Rios in Jamaica, let’s just say the hotel was basic! The security guard was always asleep at the front desk and when he was awake he was the evening entertainment with his guitar.

This didn’t stop me having an amazing time and I have returned to Jamaica many times but I now stay in 5 star accommodation. This made me realise I don’t do 3 star!

From then on I knew it had sparked something in me. The build up buying holiday clothes new knickers and socks and white trainers (why do we do that?), packing (which I love), arriving at the airport walking round WHSmiths five times even though I didn’t buy anything and sitting in a lounge and drinking complimentary champagne.

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I've been on a Nile cruise!

and to Karnak temple in Egypt, scuba diving in Jamaica and got drunk on rum.

I’ve walked down the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard and had my photo taken in front of the Hollywood sign.

I went surfing in the beautiful sea in Maui Hawaii and much more all by the age of 21.

Then motherhood happened...

What about my travels? I was determined having children wasn’t going to stop me seeing the world.

I’ve even learned a few things along the way, Spain does sell nappies and you don’t have to take everything but the kitchen sink away with you.

So in my late 20s my travel recommenced and with two kids in tow we travelled to Mexico, USA, Thailand, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Australia and many other beautiful destinations.

The travel bug has never left me. My children may have left home and I have a new husband, who loves to travel, thank god. He didn’t have a choice really. My hobby is travelling and his is golf which has proved to be a great combination. He gets to golf I get to travel.

Happy wife, happy life!

I want to invite you into Deli’s World! It’s the only world I know and I quite like it. So join me on my travels and lifestyle adventures and you may learn a few things along the way!