Back to Goa – A Flight with TUI

By Adele Sharman

10 January 2023

After getting over the shock of just having a 23 kg checked luggage allowance and 10 kg hand luggage I finally made it to Goa. Let alone all the fuss around airlines. TUI is the only one with direct flights from Manchester. Unfortunately, they don’t have a Business or Upperclass section on the plane, but they do have Premium.

Here are some of the perks TUI offers:

  • Larger checked luggage allowance of 23 kg on certain holidays;
  • Priority check-in (select your seat online);
  • Priority bag drop at the airport;
  • Fast-track through security;
  • Lounge access at UK and Irish airports;
  • Priority boarding;
  • Separate cabin at the front of the aircraft;
  • A bigger 38-inch seat pitch;
  • Wider ergonomic seats with footrests and headrests;
  • Premium drinks throughout your flight – except for Champagne and Prosecco;
  • A four-course meal with a choice of the main dish where available; followed by tea, coffee, and liqueurs;
  • A second lighter meal before landing;
  • Noise-reducing headphones;
  • Seatback entertainment with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and games;
  • A Rituals®️ amenity kit;
  • A pillow with a blanket on day flights and a duvet on night flights.

Also, the staff are very courteous on most TUI flights. 

Luckily, the check-in was stress-free despite my checked baggage being slightly over the allowance. I shifted some stuff into my husband’s hand luggage, so I didn’t have to overpay for exceeding the weight. 

The Escape Lounge in Manchester is average. Eateries offer both hot and cold food that is quite tasty as well as a wide selection of soft and alcoholic drinks like wine, and beer. Tea and coffee are also included. I didn’t find the dining table and chairs with high backs comfortable. There is another area with more comfortable bucket-style chairs. 

Once you have boarded the plane, you are offered champagne or fresh orange juice. The plane was far from the cleanest one, especially the toilets and seat pockets, but it has everything you need to keep yourself warm, safe, and well-rested. Ten minutes into the flight the trolley with free drinks and bite-size snacks comes around. 

I would prefer the seats to be wider because I felt a bit squeezed between the front and back seats. If the person in front has their seat reclined you have to recline your seat as well or there is very little room. When choosing an aisle or a window seat, remember that you won’t be able to pass the other person in the aisle seat without pushing each other. On the whole, the service is pretty friendly and efficient. It is definitely worth its cost.

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