Packing List For Around The World Trip

By Adele Sharman

22 October 2021
Ok, I haven’t been around the world, but my last adventure did start off as a 10 day holiday (and turned into a 10-month experience), so I packed for 10 days… said no women ever. I always take extra clothes and far too many shoes.

Ok, I haven’t been around the world, but my last adventure did start off as a 10 day holiday (and turned into a 10-month experience), so I packed for 10 days… said no women ever. I always take extra clothes and far too many shoes.

Trust me, after countless meal courses and alluring cocktails, you will need some extra clothes for your expanding waistline. Here are my top tips for packing and what is a must for me.

  1. Trainers and Gym Wear

They don’t take up much space. Even if you don’t use a gym, it is nice to wear your gym outfit and trainers for a walk or a yoga session.

2. Shoes

Flip flops are a must; wedges are always a good choice, and trying to match them up to most of your outfits saves taking 5 extra shoes. I take heels as well but gone are the days of taking high 7-inch heel shoes. A kitten heel is more my thing, but pack what you are comfortable in.
I like to take beach shoes as well, and they are super lightweight. Plus, they will protect your feet from the shells and rocks. You can opt for flip flops or sandals. They are a safe bet.

I did have a little tear when I was in Antigua. My trusty Vivienne Westwood flip-flops broke while I was walking to breakfast. It cost me $50 for a regular pair in the hotel boutique, but I didn’t bin them; they were too precious for me. I brought the flip-flops back to Florida, and my husband did a repair job. Let’s see how long they last this time…

3. Bags

I always take a beach bag, and I take a crossbody bag for trips with a smaller purse.
If I go for an evening bag, I always try to take a neutral colour, small size. You don’t really put lots in one when away, just a room key or card, cash, phone and lipstick. I like to take a waterproof phone case as well. These are good to put your room key and some money in when taking a walk on the beach. Another good bag is a bumbag, which will serve you well during a sunset beach walk.

4. Swimwear

I hate this part. Do I take bikinis or swimsuits? I take both but, to be honest, I do feel better in a swimsuit.

5. Cover-ups (Kaftans and Sarongs)

I am partial to packing one coverup for every day. I know I don’t need to. I like choices. A kaftan can also be worn on an evening over a vest top and shorts. In addition, a sarong can double up as a scarf or just be put over your shoulders. Just in case it gets a bit chilly in the evening. If you are like me and get cold with air conditioning, pack a cardie or travel in a lightweight jacket.

6. Day Clothes

It always depends on what type of holiday I am going on. If it’s a beach holiday, cover-ups are good. I always like to take little dresses as well. They can double up for an evening. I pack shorts and tops with some sleeves & scrappy styles or playsuits for day trips.

7. Evening Clothes

When on holiday every evening is a Friday night getting dressed up. I like to take an array of items, maxi dresses, short dresses, jumpsuits to choose from. It also depends on the vibe of the country I am in. When I travelled to Turkey, I wanted long floaty kaftans around the pool (it wasn’t the same vibe in Florida). That’s why I had to go purchase new clothes when I arrived in the States.

8. Underwear

I take white and black bras, and if they can have straps and be strapless, it saves me taking 4 bras. I always pack knickers for a month’s holiday. I made a Marks and Spencer’s order for new knickers and had them shipped out to the States one time. I like to take a nude body under a lovely sheer blouse or a low cut dress too.

9. Other ideas

Get in your luggage some belts for shorts or dresses, safety pins and a sewing kit, sun hats or scarves and long-sleeved shirts or tops if you go on a boat trip. I love taking PJs, and I always check if the hotel has robes. Jewellery is lovely to bring. It always adds that extra sparkle to an outfit. It all depends on your luggage allowance as well. If you have additional cases, fill them, it’s good to have a choice.

A few thoughts from me:

Believe me, I used to think, ‘God, I can’t wear that dress again. I have had a photo taken in that already.’ People are not really bothered. Well, I am not. I am more interested in the place and if I am enjoying myself. What I have learnt during travelling for 10 months was that each place I have visited had a different vibe. So, I just wore what was comfortable and made me feel nice. It doesn’t matter if you wear the same outfit twice, mix it up. You can get creative with that.

I think packing for any holiday is down to the individual. Don’t change your style just because you are going away. Just be you.

Have a great time packing!

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