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Real Roadtrip to Nashville

By Adele Sharman

27 July 2021
What do you think of when hearing 2 words – road trip? I believe people instantly picture a movie with country music, beer cans that you throw on the roadside, cowboy boots, daisy dukes, and the wind in the hair…

Well, my husband and I had the country music playing in our car, no beer cans, cowboy boots were on the list to buy, and speaking of daisy dukes…You don’t really think that wearing them is a good idea when you get to my age.

The harsh reality of road trips is that you have to control the amount of liquid you consume since making 10-12 toilet stops doesn’t add charm to your journey. As a matter of fact, when your bladder is about to explode, you don’t really think about how good your hair looks or whether the wind blows it either. You just want to pee!

Thank goodness Americans have the most amazing restroom stops here in the USA which are manned by rangers. So, I didn’t have to stop at a lone gas station where the restroom was in the back and looked like the man’s foot has never stepped in it. Some 24-hour-stores were super clean and had vending machines. These are the little things that make a difference to me. Just watch out for a snake or two.

I’ll be honest with you, planning a road trip when you don’t know where to stop on the route is quite daunting. So I turned to google and typed in a road trip to Nashville with stops. At first sight taking a flight looked like a better option, however, I am so glad we didn’t opt for it.

We would have missed out on seeing the largest trucks whizzing past you with amazing cabins. I have never seen so many blown-out tires on the highway either. Contemplating the vast amount of open farmland and the stunning ranches with acres of land was amazing. I had to keep pinching myself as I was on my way to Nashville. I wanted to do this trip for so long even though it had been cancelled twice already due to the pandemic. Here I was on my way feeling super excited and very content. 

You never get bored with the road signs of an adult store. I was quite excited to see this place because it made you want to visit it. I kept thinking that the store had some badass advertising going on! It turned out to be the smallest cabin in the world. They must have spent $$ on the advertising, which did make me laugh. There were countless signs of fireworks, guns, and cowboy boots at every junction, too. I wanted to stop at every town but we had miles to go.

Once we arrived in Nashville, we stayed in a beautiful place known as Omni Nashville Hotel.

It did not have any COVID-19 measures in place. Some of the staff at the Omni still wore masks but the mask mandate had been lifted so had been the social distancing measures as well. I preferred this so much. I could see other people smiling, I could understand people talking to me. It was such a breath of fresh air seeing things getting back to normal.

As you can see, road trips are not like in the movies, you can definitely find disadvantages in such types of travelling. However, there is nothing that can be more soulful and authentic than watching real life on the highway…

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