The Hotel I Liked The Most

By Adele Sharman

27 July 2021
I am in month eight of my adventure now and I have stayed in 23 establishments ranging from Airbnb houses, apartments to hotels, and condos. If I had to pick my favourite one (not just the view or the food but the whole experience) it would be The Maxx Royal in Belek, Turkey.

Let’s start talking! The Maxx is a five-star all-Inclusive hotel, and I am not talking about the “If it’s not on your wrist you’re not getting pissed” kind of place.

No wristbands here, only Rolex watches and Cartier bracelets. From the impressive foyer and glass lifts to the amazing floral arrangements, the very attractive members of staff look like they are floating around in their summer blush pink uniforms. The place itself is very impressive.

No checking in at the front desk. You are welcomed to be seated in plush sofas and offered champagne, of course, with freshly dipped chocolate strawberries. Then you are introduced to your Maxx assistant who checks you in and explains the layout of the hotel, and how the hotel works for your convenience.

Whoever trained these staff members… They have got it just right! Also, you have two assistants who work in the morning and evening shifts and can be easily accessible via WhatsApp. Your wish is their command.

As for the room, I would highly recommend getting one with a sea view. I love to come up from the beach or pool, take a shower, put on the waffle dressing gown and oversized hotel slippers, pour myself a drink, and sit on the balcony. Watching the waves hit the beach, the sunset starting to light up the sky is priceless. There is something about the hotel life that makes me laugh all the time. There are always some odd people sneaking on their balconies naked to put their swimsuits out to dry…. Yes, others can see you!

A comfortable bed and pillow menu are important to me as well – another box ticked.

I still get excited over branded toiletries when I stay in a luxurious place. I feel the need to take them all straight away, get more the following day, and by the end of the holiday I have 10 shampoos, shower gels, and sewing kits. You never know when you need them, right? The amenity kits at the Maxx are the best I have ever seen, from all the essentials to aftersun lotions, nail clippers, and even condoms! You even get a beach bag to use during your stay and take home with you. How convenient is that?

I did get upgraded to the Royal Suite, and that was pure luxury with 3 balconies and sun loungers along with an amazing bath in the middle of your room and a blinged-up toilet with a gold toilet roll holder. It’s all about space for me as well, since I don’t travel light. The closet even has a keypad on it so if you want to keep them Valentinos and Louis Vuitton bags safe, punch in that code and all will be protected.

The hotel has 8 a la carte restaurants and 16 bars, with a patisserie and chocolatier. Let me be honest with you, after spending 2 weeks there my husband and I realized we couldn’t just keep eating and drinking. We had to do some form of exercise, not just lifting our arms for our drink. You didn’t even have to move from your sun lounger to get food or drink around the pool. The amazing staff on roller skates would bring it to you. Fresh fruits and great cocktails. They have a great mixologist at the main hotel bar.

You never get bored in this hotel, trust me. One time, the staff even played the Leeds United football game for my husband on one of the cinema screens and served him a G&T with popcorn of course. They have two cinemas, a water park, an indoor pool and spa including a Turkish bath. Don’t forget about the bowling alley with arcade games, the Montgomerie golf course, football fields, and tennis courts, and much more.

I could talk about Maxx all day long! It is a stunning hotel with fantastic amenities, superb staff, great choice of food and drink and all free…well all included in the price you paid before. The golf and spa treatments are extra.

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