COVID-19 Measures in Hotels – Part 2 (USA Edition)

By Adele Sharman

1 November 2021

Hi, guys! I am giving you an extended version of Covid-19 measures in American hotels. This post isn’t about whether we should all be wearing masks or my views on social distancing measures. It is about the COVID-19 control measures in the hotels I have stayed in during my adventure in the USA, a total of 10.

The Omni in Nashville and the 1842 Inn in Macon, Georgia

The Omni in Nashville and the 1842 Inn in Macon, Georgia, did not take any measures. Some of the staff at the Omni still wore masks, although by the time I got here (20-22nd of May), the mask mandate had been lifted and the social distancing measures as well. I will be sincere – I preferred it so much. I could see other people smiling; nobody was looking awkwardly at me. The 1842 Inn in Georgia had lifted restrictions a while ago, and it wasn’t a big 200 room hotel. I felt completely safe in both of these establishments.

The Ritz Carlton Naples, La Playa Beach & Golf Resort and Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa

The Ritz-Carlton Naples, Florida & La Playa Naples, Florida, and the Hyatt Coconut Point had similar measures. A mask was required when checking in and moving around the inside of the hotel. The coffee shop and restaurants required you to wear a mask until seated, as did the gym in the Ritz and the Hyatt. I felt unsure about it. So, I chose not to use the gym. They also had restrictions on the lifts again. Some people didn’t mind getting in if it had more than four people in it. You also had to request for your room to be cleaned. Those were measures I did struggle with. I am used to having my room cleaned, and my towels changed without asking for this process. The rooms still had hairdryers, an iron and ironing board, bathrobes and slippers.

The Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club, Naples, Florida

I did check in to the one hotel, but unfortunately, I checked out because I didn’t feel comfortable with Naples Beach and Golf club. It was very, very busy (spring break), and the measures they had in place didn’t make sense. I was asked to wear a mask. They also had a temperature screening at the front desk when I checked in, which I was okay with. Still, as I waited for my room, the number of people just walking in through the lobby to get access to the pool and beach with no masks contradicted what I was asked to do. The measures at the pool area for social distancing with the sun loungers were non-excitant. It was packed, not my idea of a relaxing pool area even if the pandemic wasn’t around. I asked to check out. I did explain to the front desk why I wanted to do this. They kindly refunded my money.

EB Hotel, Miami & Fontainebleau Miami Beach

The EB Hotel Miami, a mask was required when checking in and while walking around the hotel. A QR code was used for the restaurant. At the Fontainebleau hotel again, a mask was needed when checking in, and some people did wear them when walking around the pool area, and all staff did wear them. We were asked to wear masks when leaving the bar area to use the restroom. As I said before, masks were offered if you didn’t have one.

Sanibel Sundial Beach Resort & Spa hotel

At the Sanibel Sundial Beach Resort & Spa hotel, all staff wore face masks. We were never asked to do so. It was a self-contained apartment; everything was spotless with no actual covid-19 control measures in the apartment.

JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort

The staff at Marriott at Marco Island wore masks, and my husband and I were approached to wear one. Again, the hotel was bustling, and no social distancing was being followed in the pool area. I didn’t feel overly comfortable at this hotel. The reason for that might have been because it was super busy, and I had a few other issues during my stay. I also struggled with the QR code on my mobile phone.

All and all, I relatively enjoyed staying in these accommodations. However, the discrepancy between the factual and actual implementation of Covid-19 control measures in some hotels was unsatisfactory.

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