How to Make a Dream Travel Life for Yourself

By Adele Sharman

1 December 2021
I never started this adventure, thinking I would still see and visit different parts of the world a year later.

I never started this adventure, thinking I would still see and visit different parts of the world a year later.

Travelling is a blessing, especially when you do that with comfort, ease and curiosity. But as we all know, life is not a bed of roses, and sometimes things go wrong even in a five-star hotel. So, the most important thing I have learnt during my year-long adventure is to be confident, believe in yourself and make sure the person on the journey with you sees and wants the same things you do, or it won’t work. You both have to like the same or similar things. If you are travelling on your own – I take my hat off to you. Even though I did make most of the decisions (in my nature, to start with), the husband would call it control. One of us has to be, or God help us. My travel adventure was achieved during the pandemic, and sometimes I sit back and think, “How the hell did we manage that?” and continue to do so.

You will have to come out of your comfort zone and come across challenges that you have to overcome to make your adventure work. So, keep in mind, there will be lots of room for personal growth during travel, which is excellent! As for me, guilt had played a big part in some of the decisions I made. “Why can I have this travel life and others don’t or can’t?” – this question repeatedly appeared in my head, causing unnecessary concerns and doubts. I have struggled with some of my decisions, and I doubt I did the right thing? I can’t change it directly. I took a leap of faith, and it paid off. Sometimes vision can be blurry or confusing, but let it roll once you start with it.

Okay, but what exactly do you need to do to make a dream travel life for yourself?

Here are some thoughts of mine based on my experience:

  1. Every time an idea enters your head, you have two choices: dismiss it or go with it. Map out the ideas and be as detailed as possible, even if it’s just inside your head. I am old school about this and keep notes in my diary to visualize my daring ideas. Please, be as accurate as possible when it comes to describing your dreams. That’s when stepping out of your comfort zone kicks in.
  2. Do the research first. I did my travelling during the second lockdown in the UK. Many UK-based travel companies put me on hold for a long time, trying to reschedule flights. It was super stressful and was costing me time and money, so I made a decision. I would come back to it when I was in a better headspace, and it worked. I ended up booking a flight to Miami and not the UK. That’s how my adventure began.
  3. Make sure you can afford it, so let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Yes, you need money. As much as it’s possible to plan your budget and travel endeavours, please do it. Having eight holidays cancelled helped my bank balance look healthy again which benefited me to make my travel dreams come true. Plus, I am not in my twenties anymore, so the idea of backpacking or staying in hostels doesn’t suit me, c’est la vie. I like 5-star accommodation because why would I want to stay somewhere less appealing than my own home? 😉
  4. Do not compromise your comfort. If you think it’s all going to be plain sailing, I assure you, it won’t. Ups and downs will follow you along the way, and not every place you visit will tick all your boxes. My advice is simple: if you don’t like your booked hotel, check out (make sure you can get a refund first). Don’t settle for a second – this is your dream, remember.
  5. Believe in yourself. If I could achieve what I have now during a pandemic and lockdown, I genuinely believe anyone can achieve what they want in life. The world is such a big place. “Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.” – I love this quote.

Lots of people would say, “God, if I had the opportunity to do what you are doing, I would jump at it”, but it’s not all the sun, sea and cocktails… A dream travel lifestyle might be lavish when it’s a dream, but when that dream starts becoming a reality – ‘Shit, what have I started” will cross your mind regularly. So, please, dear readers, don’t fall for all the glitz and shine of luxurious travel life. It takes a lot of work (and nerve) to follow it through, but nothing will stop you if you are ready to change your life.

If you have any doubts left about pursuing what you truly want to do, I’ll add one more thing: Travel because money returns, time doesn’t.

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