Where My Love for Travel Started

By Adele Sharman

24 March 2021
As a kid, I loved spending summer holidays playing out in the street with friends or having day trips with the family; that’s where my love for travel began.

Overall we explored the spa town of Ilkley, the market of Otley, the Otley Chevin, the historic centre of Shipley, the theme park of Lightwater Valley, splashed in the river at Burnsall and visited so many other parts of West & North Yorkshire, I couldn’t even keep track of all the places.

There were times when the six-week holidays would be spent with my mum’s family at my favourite place Swansea, Wales. It is still my best-loved place for travelling in the whole wide world. So many beautiful childhood memories are connected with such a special and dear place in my heart. My parents didn’t have a holiday home in the Caribbean. They had a static caravan at Far Grange in Skipsea, so waking up on a deflated air bed was a thing to remember. Now things have changed a little bit. A nice king-size bed with a pillow menu is more my thing now. 

I was 12 years old when I had my first trip abroad to Magaluf, Spain with my parents, cousins, aunties, uncles. Then one year later, in 1988, I went to Tenerife for Christmas with my family again, and I loved it! I was lucky to go on out-of-bounds school trips to France, Switzerland to do skiing, abseiling, and canoeing.

My holidays were rich with fun, laughter, and love from my family. I will be eternally grateful to my family for the amazing summer holidays. I remember desperately wanting to go to Silverdale as a kid to join my friends and spend the best fun time with them. However, I was not allowed to do it since it was merely organized for underprivileged children, and my family didn’t fall into that category.

 Looking back now, of course, I am beyond grateful for everything my parents have provided for me. Although at that time I thought I was so unlucky I couldn’t go there. It goes to show I never saw a difference with my friends, I just wanted to do what they did.

Even though I experienced all sorts of traveling: from low-budget to medium and high-end travels, my heart will always melt for a super comfortable and appealing luxurious travel life. Sue me but I love sipping some complimentary champagne in a lounge. As a matter of fact, the build-up to buying holiday clothes, new shoes, socks, and white trainers (why do we do that?) sparks something in me every time I prepare for another adventure. 

I think the love for comfort has started in my late teens. After booking a £300 trip to Ocho Rios in Jamaica, let’s just say the hotel was basic. The security guard was always asleep at the front desk and when he was awake he was the evening entertainment with his guitar. This zesty detail of the accommodation added charm to my trip, and I managed to have an amazing time! However, now I stay in a 5-star accommodation every time I come back to Jamaica.

I’ve been on a Nile cruise and to Karnak temple in Egypt, did scuba diving, and got drunk on rum in Jamaica. I walked down the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard and had my photo taken in front of the Hollywood sign. I went surfing in the beautiful sea on the island of Maui, Hawaii, and much more all by the age of 21. Then motherhood happened. What about my travels? I was determined that having children wasn’t going to stop me from seeing the world. So, in my late 20s, my travel restarted and with two kids in tow, we travelled to Mexico, Spain, the USA, Thailand, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Australia, and many other beautiful countries. I’ve even learned a few things along the way. Spain was selling nappies at that point and you didn’t have to take everything but the kitchen sink away with you.

The travel bug has never left me. My children may have left home and I have a new husband, who loves to travel, thank god. He didn’t have a choice. My hobby is travelling and his – golf, which has proved to be a great combination. He gets to golf, I get to travel. Aren’t we a match? 😉

I have had so many amazing experiences while travelling, and as I have gotten older, i’ve continued to love the different aspects each holiday has to offer me. We all holiday in a different way but one thing that unites us is a passion for travel, adventure and appreciation of life.

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