Travel Outfit Choices I Make in Different Countries

By Adele Sharman

11 October 2022

Do you stress about what clothes to pack for your holiday? What vibe are you going for? I have chosen a few places I have visited over the years to share my outfit choices with you. The main thing I don’t do is pack clothes I would not normally wear. Don’t dress to fit in, dress to feel comfortable, let your style vibe travel with you. If you wear an evening gown and high heels daily, go ahead and pack it, just be mindful of the heat and cobbled streets. I have a bit of a running joke with my daughters. I always wear a blouse and trousers when I travel and they have always made a joke about this: “Mum, you look like you’re going to the office, not on an eight-hour flight!” Why would I wear a tracksuit when it’s not part of my day-to-day style? I find my outfit comfy, so that’s what I wear. Deal with it! Anyway, who is guilty of googling “what to wear in Greece” or any other destination before you start the packing process? Here is what I want to share with you: my holiday wardrobe.


The first time I was preparing for travelling to Dubai, I assumed that I would have to cover up there. NO! You do not have to do it unless you want it. Simply be respectful and follow a dress code in temples. Going out on an evening or to a Friday brunch is all glam, it’s nice to dress up. The climate is warm, but remember air conditioning inside can get you a bit chilly. So, a nice pashmina is always a good option to have with you. You also get taxis to most places, so heels or wedges are ok to take. I like to wear trousers on trips to the dunes simply because I don’t want sand in my pants.

The Maldives

Don’t bother taking heels, especially if you are staying in a resort with very chill vibes. Flip flops or nice sandals are going to be your best friends on this trip. I even struggled with wedges, to be honest. The Maldives have a very much beach-themed scene, so nice long floaty caftans are good for the daytime. If you have a water bungalow, you don’t leave it. Maybe take a raincoat when you have a little rain shower.

USA: Florida, Las Vegas, Texas, Nashville, Orlando

I improvised a lot with my outfit choices when I was holidaying in Florida. I found the vibe quite relaxed and casual with wearing lots of sportswear. I took a lot of short jumpsuits or shorts with t-shirts. If I was going out to eat with my husband, I would wear a nice dress. Please don’t forget to take the anti-chaffing shorts for under the dress (best invention ever) and pack waterproof rainwear, especially for the parks in July. I have mixed ideas about what to wear when it comes to the USA.

If I am staying in a five-star hotel, I will take nice cover-ups for around the pool. I don’t like to wear them for breakfast in a big hotel though. It’s a little dress and shorts for me. If I am in a villa during the day, a dress or shorts and a top are great for me. Also, pack some jeans and a light sweater, it can get cooler. “Yes” to comfy shoes for the parks (trainers)!

Anything casual goes well when I am in Miami. It can be super glam (a tad pretentious) all up in the designer shoes and handbags on the streets there. As for Texas and Nashville, well, it’s cowboy boots for me, teamed with pretty dresses or shorts and a nice top. Also, don’t forget that most bars and restaurants are inside, not alfresco dining, and they have strong air conditioning, so please take a light jacket or pashmina.


It can get a bit nippy in the evening (August/September), so long sleeves can be worn in the evenings. Bring some cool lightweight clothing for the day if you are going on any trips. Wear flip-flops or trainers when walking around the streets of the old town. It’s nice to get dressed up there as well, but I still wouldn’t be going for heels, unless I am staying in the hotel. I remember vacationing in the Abaton Hotel in Crete, and everyone was having photo shoots in heels and then quickly changing them to comfy shoes before leaving the hotel.

The Caribbean Islands

I find most of the Caribbean Islands quite relaxed when it comes to dressing up, especially throughout the day. If you’re going on a trip to Dunes River in Jamaica, better bring more swimwear and don’t forget aqua shoes and a backpack. The evenings in the Caribbean can be humid, and for this reason, I don’t usually take long-sleeved items. 

The Dominican Republic

I stayed in the DR for three months. So, I wore an assortment of clothes, from shorts and tops to long and short dresses. It was quite a relaxed feel. I tended not to get dressed up so much when I was going to local restaurants on beaches. If you are staying in a hotel: dress to impress. Again good footwear is a must if you are off walking or going on a trip.


I have stayed in five-star hotels when I visited Turkey and full-on glam with heels or wedges quite fit the picture. It was even suitable for a lounge area around the pool or at breakfast if that’s your vibe. I love a good breakfast outfit, I am definitely not a “let’s see my swimsuit exposed at breakfast” kind of gal. I do have different outfits for breakfast, pool, excursions and evening cocktails. I am not a great lover of strappy tops because I don’t like strapless bras, so I usually go for a wider strap on a top. The most important thing when you travel is to feel comfortable. If you want to dress to impress, you go for it. Also, please remember about your poor feet and expanding waistline with all the cocktails and extra afternoon snacks. So, maybe think twice about the outfit that just fits snuggly before you go, you may not get into it in a week or two.


It can get quite hot and humid in Thailand, so you don’t want heavy fabrics. When you visit temples, some of them require your shoulders to be covered. I prefer to wear shorts or playsuits when I was out and about. It is nice to get dressed up for the evening and wear your heels or wedges here because you just take a tuk-tuk to get home afterwards.

The one thing I have learnt from travelling is that I can be staying in a five-star hotel or going into the largest Honkey Tonk in the world, the best choice is to stick to wearing comfortable clothes.

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