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Rock Cottage, Antigua: Room Tour

Whenever I stay at a hotel, I always wonder what the other rooms are like. I think most people would like a nosey round the executive suite or even the penthouse suite. So, I decided to be your cottage tour guide today 🙂

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Travel Bucket List: Expectation VS Reality

We all have a travel bucket list – places you have dreamed about visiting as a kid, places you have read about or seen in movies. I have been fortunate to visit some beautiful countries, and a lot of these destinations were on my bucket list, but I still have a few to tick off.

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What I Can’t Live Without When I Travel

If you had asked me this ten months ago, I would have given you a very long list. However, since my ten-day holiday turned into ten months, I have realised I DO NOT need half of the items I take away with me.

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Packing List For Around The World Trip

Ok, I haven’t been around the world, but my last adventure did start off as a 10 day holiday (and turned into a 10-month experience), so I packed for 10 days… said no women ever. I always take extra clothes and far too many shoes.

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The Hotel I Liked The Most

I am in month eight of my adventure now and I have stayed in 23 establishments ranging from Airbnb houses, apartments to hotels, and condos. If I had to pick my favourite one (not just the view or the food but the whole experience) it would be The Maxx Royal in Belek, Turkey.

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COVID-19 Measures in Hotels – Part 1

This post isn’t about if I believe we should all be wearing masks or my views on social distancing measures. It is about the measures that are in place in the hotels I have stayed in during my adventure, a total of 15.

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image of the downtown nashville skyline

Real Roadtrip to Nashville

What do you think of when hearing 2 words – road trip? I believe people instantly picture a movie with country music, beer cans that you throw on the roadside, cowboy boots, daisy dukes, and the wind in the hair…

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